A new version of Arc Menu, the popular app launcher extension for GNOME Shell, is now available to download.

Arc Menu v47 includes a new menu layout (called “Tognee”, and pictured above), adds the option to rank installed software in alphabetical order (very handy), and introduces a new (and entirely opt-in) “frequent apps” view.

Mouse scrolling and keyboard navigation is said to be improved in this release; application context menus and tooltips boast better contrast; and there are new preset themes.

The icon picker, which lets you set a different menu icon, boasts some UI tweaks to make sifting through and finding glyphs a touch faster and saner. A selection of new panel icons are also said to be available include an openSUSE icon.

Also look out for new “Flip Layout Horizontally” and “Searchbar Location” options available in traditional panel layouts.

Finally, Arc Menu 47 requires GNOME 3.36. You can continue to use older versions of the menu on GNOME 3.34 and earlier, you just won’t get all of the ‘new’ stuff mentioned in this roundup.

Get Arc Menu v47

Arc Menu is free, open source software. Source code can be found, inspected, downloaded, and compiled by following the instructions on Gitlab.

As of writing Arc Menu 47 is not yet “live” on the extensions.gnome.org (EGO) website. But if you already have the extension installed you will be notified to upgrade to the new release as soon as it’s available.

For more details, or to install the extension on your system, check out the add-on’s listing at the link below:




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